Here in Borgarfjörður is enough to do. Take a better look! 


Áshestar horse rental is located at the farm Stóri-Ás in Borgarfjörður, only 9km from Húsafell ,which is one of the most visited toursist destinations in Iceland. Áshestar offer 1 -1 1/2 hour long riding tours in beautiful nature along the river Hvítá. Opening hours : every day from 10:00-am to 6:00pm.
For more information and reservations please call (+354) 8477051 or send and email :


Hraunfossar og Barnafoss

The Hraunfossar waterfalls consist of countless springs of clear water that emerge from under the edge of the lava field Hallmundarhraun and flow into the river Hvitá. Surface water and meltwater from the glaciers runs between the lava layers and emerges to form the Hraunfossar falls, which are about 1 km wide and splash down into the Hvítá aming the rocks and birch-scrub vegetation all year long. The waterfall Barnafoss (Children’s Falls) stone arches and sculpted the rocks with its violent force. The average flow- rate is 80 m3.


Langjökull og Eiríksjökull

13 miles to Langjökull, takes about 30 minutes to drive from our hotel. Langjökull (Icelandic for “long glacier”) is the second largest ice cap in Iceland (953 km2), after Vatnajökull.


Víðgelmir, Surtshellir og Stefánshellir

8.6 miles to Surtshellir, takes about 15 minutes to drive from our hotel. Surtshellir is a lava cave, approximately a mile in length, it is the longest such cave in the country. It is named after the fire giant Surtr, a prominent figure in Norse mythology, who is prophesied to one day engulf the world in the fire of his flaming sword.



9.2 miles to Deildartunguhver, takes about 15 minutes to drive from our hotel. Deildartunguhver is a hotspring in Reykholtsdalur. It is characterized by a very high flow rate for a hot spring (180 liters/second) and water emerges at 97 °C. It is the highest-flow hot spring in Europe.



6.2 miles to Reykholt, takes about 10 minutes to drive from our hotel. In Reykholt lived in the Middle Ages one of the most important persons in Icelandic history: Snorri Sturluson. He was a famous poet and politician whose records of the Old Norse language and mythology of medieval Iceland are invaluable to modern scholars. He lived and died here. Remains of his farm and a bathroom with hot pot and a tunnel between the bath and the house can still be visited.



6.2 miles to Húsafell, takes about 10 minutes to drive from our hotel. In Húsafell you can finde swimmingpool, golf area, children park, restaurant, shop and information stasion.